Friday, January 27, 2012

Film schools I

Film schools: If you’re a true lover of filmmaking, then you must be wondering what would be the right place for you to study and learn the art of being a great filmmaker. So, this post is for you, young padawan of the cinema.

Today let’s talk about Columbia College Hollywood, one of the finest film schools of America.

Directors, Producers, writers, cinematographers, art director, editors, visual effects artists, sound professionals and even actors, all of them can learn more in this film school. You’ll learn to work in team and to do what you like to do by doing it!
So, if you wanna apply, what should you do?

Columbia College Hollywood has it own way of admissions. While the academic stuff is important they what they really want is people with talent, the so-called “artistic potential” . So, you’ll be asked to write a text with at least 500 words describing career goals and artistic pursuits as well as two letters of recommendation from teachers, educators, or individuals who know you well and are not family members. All to prove you really have skills. Besides this, if you want to be a filmmaker you should also send some samples of film reels or portfolios to “help” them in the decision process.
When all this process of analysis ends the Columbia College may call you for an interview to some “final admission considerations”.
If you have passed this is some of the studies you may consider:

  • -       Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema
  • -       Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema/Television
  • -        Associate of Fine Arts in Cinema/Television

  If you want to access more information consult
  Next week will take about other film school!


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